February 5th: Doing What It Takes – Rafael


We are kicking off Philadelphia’s new employment initiative – Connecting Talent to Opportunities – by continuing our celebration of people’s successes on the job in Philadelphia! We share these stories as part of our belief that recognition for a job well done should happen throughout the year.  We are calling this #workitwednesday — and offer this month’s story.

Please help us in highlighting the accomplishments of all people with disabilities who are employed or have their own business by submitting success stories.  

Success stories can be submitted through the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/666Z55P.

February 5, 2020: Doing What it Takes – Rafael

As some of us have learned, sometimes it takes more than one job to reach our employment goals.

Meet Rafael! Rafael is a valued member of Philadelphia’s workforce. Currently, he works two jobs.

Rafael has been working part time doing grounds maintenance at Identogo for over a year now. To reach his goals Rafael needed more. This fall he was hired to work at Dollar Tree. Rafael enjoys being able to work two job, as he is eager to show his independence, and hopes to live on his own one day.

~ submitted by Partnerships for Community Supports (PFCS)