July 3, 2019 – Working at Bon Appetit

Work It Wednesday!

Continuing our conversation about success on the job, and the belief that recognition for a job well done should happen throughout the year, we are  sharing success stories once a month. We are calling this “Work It Wednesdays”, and offer today’s story.

If you wish to share a success story with us, please send them care of Michelle Sparling at michelles@networksfortraining.org.

Working at Bon Appetite…
July 3, 2019 – John A.

After 8 years of working in a sheltered facility, John decided that he wanted to work in the community. In Spring 2015, he came to CIS to begin to explore his skills and interests. He was hired at Rite Aid, where he was in charge of stocking and taking inventory of the drink coolers. Unfortunately, after he had worked there for a little over a year, the store closed permanently. Undeterred, John got right back to the job search, and landed a job at Bon Appetit dining facility on UPenn’s campus. 

John is responsible for washing and sorting the high volume of dishes created by droves of hungry students each day. He also manages waste and keeps the facilities clean and safe. With excellent natural supports in the workplace, John is thriving at Bon Appetit. He has mastered most of his tasks, receiving only minimal support from his job coach. 

Picture of John wearing a Phillies jersey and hat
John A.

John tells us that he was unhappy working in a sheltered facility, and was bullied by some of the other participants. He has developed a great rapport with his coworkers and managers at Bon Appetit, and reports that he is much happier in his new position. His family and support team remark at how happy he is to have meaningful employment. With a steady paycheck, John has become a regular at his neighborhood Dunkin Donuts, and is always adding to his large hat collection. 

~Submitted by Community Integrated Services (CIS)