Reflect, Rediscover, Re-imagine

Phila On the Job has been a resource to share and recognize everyone’s unique employment journey. It does not matter the stage one is at in their journey because every step is a success moving one closer to the right opportunity for what one is looking for and aligns with what they want. As one grows and learns more about themselves, along with other contributing factors that life brings, the journey shapes and expands. 

When we think about the stages of employment with the understanding one can be at multiple stages at the same time, we have: Career Exploration, Job Finding and Developing, Keeping a Job, and Advancing. In Exploration, we’re figuring out what our interests are whereas in job finding and developing there is some direction we are working towards. Once we have a job, we work to maintain it and gain some stability; when we’re ready to grow either in the same job or company or in a field, we seek to see how we can advance.

In the spring, some people were at the beginning of their employment journey when society suddenly shifted. Others were at a stage where they were comfortable, working for years and possibly close to retirement.

Life has looked different since March 2020. And so do our employment journeys.

You may have found yourself questioning the stability of your job. You may have found yourself worrying about how to pay rent after being furloughed and uncertain when you would receive an unemployment check. You may have felt like you were back to square one after working so hard to get to where you were. You may have had a variety of feelings as you worked the front lines and being asked to work even more hours than typical. You may have thought why bother trying to figure out what you would like to do for work. This doesn’t include the whole range of emotions you may have been experiencing outside of working.

Here we are now, five months later. We are here together to figure out how to move forward, not just with our lives, but with our dreams.

We can do this. YOU can do this. Together.

Making progress requires taking a step.

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