May 1, 2019 – Supporting His Family

Work It Wednesday!

Continuing our conversation about success on the job, and the belief that recognition for a job well done should happen throughout the year, we are  sharing success stories once a month. We are calling this “Work It Wednesdays”, and offer today’s story.

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Supporting His Family…
May 1, 2019 – Richard Rowland

After over 5 years in a sheltered workshop, Richard was eager to get out into the community. In November 2015, he was hired at Bahama Breeze at the King of Prussia Mall. Richard is responsible for rolling silverware, and by taking on this important task, he supports the rest of the team so they can focus on providing the highest quality service to customers. Richard has been a highly valued member of the team from day 1 – the staff even put up a sign on the front of the store to welcome him to the Bahama Breeze family on his first day! 

Richard loves his job and his coworkers, and especially loves that he earns a fair wage for his hard work. He has since become the father of two daughters, and is proud that he can spend his money on supporting his family and living independently. 

Richard preparing to present at a conference
Richard preparing to present at a conference

In July 2016, Richard was invited to present at the Annual Statewide Training for Independent Monitoring for Quality in Harrisburg. Richard was thrilled to participate in the session “What’s Work Got to Do with Quality”, focusing on the role of employment in living an everyday life. Richard shared his personal journey toward finding a job, highlighting that it offers him more than just a paycheck and enriches his life in myriad ways. Here’s Richard looking sharp and ready to share his inspiring story! 

~Submitted by Community Integrated Services (CIS)