January 2, 2019 – On the Job at Stein’s, Your Florist


Wishing you all a Happy New Year as we continue our conversation about success on the job.  As part of our belief that recognition for a job well done should happen throughout the year, we are  sharing success stories once a month.  We are calling this #workitwednesday — and offer this month’s story.

If you wish to share a success story with us, please send them care of Michelle Sparling at michelles@networksfortraining.org.

On the Job at Stein’s, Your Florist…
January 2, 2019 – Allison Rutizer

Allison displays her art work on the job at Stein's Florist
Allison displays her art work on the job at Stein’s Florist.

Allison is a budding artist with a passion for creating beautiful things for others to enjoy. When she walked into Stein Your Florist in search of a job, she knew she had found her right fit! Stein Your Florist is an oasis of flowers and color, an artist’s dream! Allison enjoys creative tasks such as bow-making and flower arranging and as well as taking inventory, pricing merchandise, and watering all flowers and plants. Patrick encouraged Allison to bring some paintings to sell at the flower shop. Now each day when Allison arrives for her work shift, she proudly completes her responsibilities alongside her very own art gallery. For Allison, it doesn’t get much better!

~Submitted by SPIN Inc.