December 5, 2018 – A Positive Attitude Can Mean A Lot…

Work It Wednesday!

Continuing our conversation about success on the job, and the belief that recognition for a job well done should happen throughout the year, we are  sharing success stories once a month. We are calling this “Work It Wednesdays”, and offer today’s story.

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A Positive Attitude Can Mean A Lot…
December 5 2018 – Thomasina Justice

Thomasina has many roles in life: mother, friend, self-advocate, exemplary employee. After a recent medical emergency she sought to return to the workforce.  Thomasina was hired by Merakey as lead housekeeper.  She arrived early, worked diligently, and always asked if there was more she could do. She greeted everyone enthusiastically, and made each person’s day a little brighter with her positive attitude.

Picture of Thomasina operating a copy machine
Thomasina working at the copier

In May The Graham Company offered Thomasina  a newly created position. She accepted, and even trained her replacement at Merakey. After three days on the job she was asked to expand her role with the addition of administrative tasks. She was concerned due to her recent medical situation, along with never having done the tasks presented to her. Thomasina agreed, surpassing expectations.

Thomasina has developed a new-found confidence, and is now scanning, copying, binding company portfolios, and more. She is even using a computer now.

Thomasina displays a great eagerness to learn, and willingly asks for assistance from her co-workers as needed. In September, she celebrated passing her 90-day probationary period at The Graham Company with an office party,  just as is done for each employee.

On October 22, 2018, Thomasina Justice received the 2018 Self Advocate of the Year Award for the Southeastern Region by PAR at their annual conference.

Thomasina is proud of her accomplishments and success, and the sustainability it provides her family. With the support of friends, family, and colleagues she is confident she can succeed. Change can be scary, but Thomasina is enjoying her ever-evolving roles at work and in life.

Thomasina recently received an award recognizing her accomplishments, and was overjoyed to share this wonderful experience with friends, family, and colleagues. Her story shows the importance of having social capital, and that having positive relationships elevates the mind, supports physical health, and nourishes the soul.

~Submitted by Merakey