October 17 – Gotta Hava Tracy!

America’s Workforce – Empowering All

Reflecting a commitment to a robust and competitive American labor force, the 2018 National Disability Employment Awareness Month  (NDEAM) theme is “America’s Workforce – Empowering All!” Observed each October, NDEAM celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.

The Philadelphia “Employment 1st, Employment NOW!” Steering Committee is once again celebrating this event with a month of employment success stories. Each day we will be posting another success story about someone who is contributing to their community through employment. For those who have requested to receive our employment announcements, you will receive the link to the story in your mailbox. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the successes of people with disabilities working in our communities!

Gotta Hava Tracy!

October 17 – Tracy C

Sign saying Gotta Have Wawa
Gotta Hava Wawa!

Tracy has worked with WAWA at their Germantown Pike location for 23 years. As a Store Associate and a valued member of the team, she is reliable and received commendation from her supervisor and coworkers for her promptness

Tracy working behind counter at Wawa
Tracy, on the job at Wawa

Tracy is also meticulous and structured to the letter. That is why when the store hired a new manager recently who diversified Tracy’s tasks from the norm, she was not having it, and stated her displeasure. However, after a little help from her job coach at WES, both Tracy and the new Manager are on the same page and working well together.  In fact, the Manager states that Tracy is one of the best employees at the store. Tracy is a part of her community and gets to work on her own, using a transpass. Tracy has maintained her job at WAWA all these years mainly because she loves what she is doing.

~Submitted by Warren E. Smith Health System (WES)