October 26 – Jaither West (NDEAM Success Story)

Celebrating Our Successes!

Reflecting the important role that different perspectives play in workforce success, this year’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) theme is “Inclusion Drives Innovation.” Observed each October, NDEAM celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and educates about the value of a workforce inclusive of their skills and talents.

The Philadelphia “Employment 1st, Employment NOW!” Steering Committee is celebrating this year’s event with a month of employment success stories. Each day you will be receiving an email containing a new story about someone who is contributing to their community through employment. We invite you to join us as we celebrate their successes!

Jaither West – Artist

Jaiter at an exhibition of his artwork.Jaither is a young man with incredible talent. He developed a love of drawing with his grandmother at a young age, and has been working as a professional artist for over 10 years. He shares a studio space with several other artists, and loves having a creative space where he can come and go as he pleases. A naturally curious individual with an active imagination, art gives him a medium to express himself and visually represent his stream of consciousness while exploring topics that interest him. His art nods to those whom he respects and admires, providing a means for him to connect with people on a deeper level. His work has caught the eye of some pretty well known curators, and has been featured in numerous galleries across the city. Some of his recent work is pictured here.

Jather showing his artwork with a customer.

When he’s not in the studio, Jaither can be found at Rite Aid, where he has been working as a Customer Service Associate since January 2017. He really enjoys helping people, both customers and co-workers, and takes his job seriously. He is detail-oriented and always makes sure that things are done “the right way.” His supervisor is consistently pleased with his work, as well as his willingness to take on extra shifts when they are available. Jaither tells us that he likes earning a consistent paycheck so he can be more independent in all areas of his life.

You can check out more of Jaither’s work on his Tumbler page.

~ Submitted by CIS

(Our apologies for the error in our listing attributing this story to Quality Progressions. Jaither is supported by CIS (Community Integrated Services) and Partnerships for Community Supports.)